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Are we not all fascinated by movies where the character tries to escape a tragedy? We all had different ideas on how the character must escape the situation. If you want to put those brilliant ideas of yours to a test, it’s time to find the nearest escape room in your area, and see how you do. 

When we had our very first escape room experience in Japan, we knew that it’s something that we can replicate in the US and that people would go crazy about it. We got so hooked, so we knew that Americans would embrace this type of action-filled game. Since this was a totally new thing, we had to come up with a way to promote it and get people hyped about it. This is when we decided to launch betascape.org, where we shared videos, articles, and tips to successfully escape. 

Today, this website not only promotes our escape rooms, but it is also a platform for escape room enthusiasts to read different articles about escape rooms and share their stories with our readers.