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Irene House

Irene traveled to Japan with Elma where they had their first escape room experience. She took a lot of inspiration from several escape room experiences they had and shared it through their social media pages. She initiated the plan to bring escape rooms to the US and partnered with Elma and a few of their friends.


Elma S.

Elma takes care of making sure the escape room tips and guides are published regularly. She also makes sure that nothing is spoiled to allow players to enjoy the escape rooms’ full experience.


Carolyn Parrs

Carolyn has the best job in the world. She gets to test escape rooms around the world and use her experiences to write for betascape.org. The only thing is, she cannot tell you exactly what to do to successfully escape a specific room, but she’ll let you know what you need to prepare for. She has escaped a total of 150 rooms to date.


Mark B.
Social Media Coordinator

Mark works remotely from the Philippines. He loves escape rooms and wants to would bring his friends to one to see them get tortured and fail. Mark takes care of our social media presence, well probably while inside an escape room trying to solve his way out.