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Betascape Overview

Betascape 2011 is a multi-day experience designed to bring artists and technologists together to Learn and Connect to Create. Attendees will participate in one day of learning and workshopping and a one-day CreateCamp. The goal is to inspire artists and technologists to innovate at the intersection of art and technology in a whole new way. Betascape also aims to support the growing community of artists and technologists in and around Baltimore, in order to drive greater economic development. Betascape will be held from September 23 - 25th 2011 in Station North in Baltimore, Maryland, a designated Arts and Entertainment District in Baltimore City.

The event is being organized by a group of volunteers, working in technology and design fields in Baltimore. Our long term goal is to establish an annual event that is imparting real skills and providing new ideas and relationships for people to innovate @ the intersection of art and tech.


Shervonne Cherry


Creative Director for Mindgrub Technologies. Art/Design Obsessed. Foodie. Model when the schedule fits. Finds nothing ordinary about design.

Matthew Forr


UX Architect for Mindgrub Technologies, hacker at Baltimore Node. Really into the recently possible.

Kyle Fritz


Bicycle riding, biomedical, computer software engineer.

Heather Sarkissian


Business strategist, social entrepreneur, in search of good food.