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Betascape 2011 Schedule

Friday: Kickoff Events

Outlet Baltimore

Outlet is dedicated time for bringing interesting people together offline to cut through the noise and enjoy good company. We believe that doing this has great, if perhaps unmeasurable, value.

Accomplish that much first. Then, if the fit is right, we can talk a little business.

Literature Party

A night of literature and party benefiting CityLit with BLAKE BUTLER and CACONRAD and DOTTIE LASKY and MIKE YOUNG and DJ John Eaton to spin off a dance party

Saturday 9AM - 5PM: Lectures, Workshops & Conversations

AFKFest 2011 Car Computer Festival & Speaker Series

Mp3Car is hosting another one-of-a-kind show September 24, in Baltimore, Maryland. Come join computer hackers, car enthusiasts, techies, and audiophiles in a day of informative talks, car computer install presentations, socializing and innovating. In the morning, enjoy a free interactive speaker series on various topics on mobile computing.

This year's AFKFest will be at Betascape 2011, an event made to showcase innovative technology through a series of exhibits, workshops, and social events. Now our forum member vehicles will join forces with the likes of all types of cutting edge, experimental, and interactive technology. Come for the weekend and check out this fun-filled and informative event.

Saturday Night

Station North Block Party

After your day of learning & listening, come relax or even rock out at the Station North Music Festival. This event is free and open to the public.

Byte Nyte

See live 8-bit music and visuals at the Hour Haus for Betascape 2011. This is a FREE SHOW. All ages show. Open Mic at 6 PM. Music by Temp Sound Solutions (BAL), Inverse Phase (VA) , Forever The Win (VA), Companion (MD) and DJ Cats (DC). Visuals by Pixelseed (BAL). There will be a special musical guest from Betascape.

Open Mic is first come first serve!

This is a FREE SHOW at the Hour Haus in Baltimore, MD. Show time: 6 PM - 11 PM All ages show. BYOB. Open Mic at 6 PM.

Sunday 9AM - 5PM: CreateCamp

Betascape attendees will be given space and in some cases resources, to come together to work on mini projects where they can explore new ideas and concepts that emerge from the series of Betascape events. Some CreateCamp projects will be preplanned and many will be the spontaneous result of inspiration and new ideas. From 4-5PM, CreateCamp Projects will be presented, and awards will be given for the most novel and innovative projects. Note: We will be making a list of facilitators public shortly and we encourage you to reach out to them if you want to collaborate with them on a project